We are Dreslin Consulting Group.

Elegant and scalable solutions for students and small businesses.

We are a student-owned and operated consulting business specializing in providing other students, teachers, and small businesses with a cheaper, yet equally sophisticated alternative to digital deliverables based on consultations in the domains of computer programming, web design, user experience, and human factors.

Our team unites psychology with coding to deliver solutions that fix design problems found in the real world. We aim to provide an intuitive and robust digital design to the client that will help them visualize, explain, and showcase their product.


We offer professional services in these four areas.

Need help on a programming project as part of a class or personal project? Our team will look through your source code, assist you in understanding each error and their probable cause, correct your syntax, and provide tips on how to avoid the same mistakes in the future. Currently, programming consultations are only available for Python, Java, HTML, CSS, and MySQL projects.

A well–optimized user experience can increase website conversion rates by up to 400%. and yield a 9,900% return on investment. Our UX services will identify poor design, customer pain points, and unoptimized elements of your existing website. After evaluating the problems and developing a strategic design plan, we will fix the issues and transform your site into a visually–pleasing interface complete with optimized code that reduces customer frustration and promotes visitor retention rates.

Building and hosting your own website can be time–consuming and stressful. We eliminate all of the hassle at a fraction of competitors' pricing. Allow our team of experienced web developers to design and build your website. Whether you are student needing a portfolio site or a small business seeking to showcase your products to the world, we've got your back.

COMING SOON! In the near future, Dreslin Consulting Group will expand to offer a fully–fledged human factors consultation service. Clients can expect our team to provide expertise in areas such as human-computer interaction, human-machine interfaces, and accident investigation. We aim to provide contracting to the public and private sector, expert evaluations, and witness testimonials. We will use frameworks such as hierarchical task analyses, HFACS, and SHERPA.

We're currently developing...

This website! We're working on refining our backend processes.
A unique and fresh portfolio website for Brandon, which he plans to use for gaining a professional presence.
Project websites that will be used to attract new clients, offer design concepts to current clients, and showcase our skills.

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